Summer’s Flight

fly summer snowflakes
far far from familiar skies
as the wind rises


i saw through your eyes
that i look nothing like me
just my reflection


you live in my heart
never aging or changing
though the world moves on


i have to wonder
why moments we want to last
pass us by so fast


some sort of sadness
spun a web inside my head
almost beautiful


from such a distance
i simply pretend to be
anyone but me


i saw my shadow
run into the rising sun
so we could be one

Inside Out

i find no solace
no breath or warmth to save me
inside where i hide

A Lonely Place

i scream to nothing
and nothing responds to me
not even echoes

Tender Stroll

on this lonely road
you can make my heart your home
my hand yours to hold

Happy Thought

you live in my mind
like a gentle harmony
from some distant star


little idea
if only you could become
the shuffle of feet